Message/Perspective from Overall Reading at my July 16th class from Renee Stearns!

I love teaching and sharing ideas.  Renee Stearns did a great reading in my Sustain Yourself Class on July 16th that  I had to share it with you!

 Message/Perspective from Overall Reading:



Key words:

Gravity, Awareness, Revolution, Aspiration, Opportunity


A powerful, magnetic, energy. Stand large. Stand tall. Reveal, revel, command self, talent and life force! You’re “the stuff”! Utilize your power. Make your presence known. You’re at your prime, make your mark. Aspire to achieve your true excellence. Be quick, pounce on your opportunities with creative, confident, passionate power!


This is a time of transformation, change, shift, revolution. The wave crashes, but keep riding. Another comes quickly. Illusion, reactivity, and negativity may block reality. Use all senses to open awareness to reality of the moment. Strike out in confidence. Make new connections. Explore opportunities. The horizon is wide open and full of possibility.


Self Reflection:

My normal modus operandi is to quietly access and study in the background (Snake)—to be a resourceful, supportive, crackerjack for others, exploring all options and directions to help enable accomplishment, achievement, and success. While assertive, perhaps my “voice” and talents have not been used to carry my authentic truth, talent or power. I tend to project higher qualities and personal power onto others. After some shifts, I am now able to see (Awareness) and change this dynamic. It is time to dive in, climb on the wave and ride! Crashes, may come. Have Mai-tai, reflect, laugh, grow and get right back on the wave!


Time to step forward, celebrate experience, knowledge, expertise, and enthusiasm. Go! Move! Set a new standard, share energy of talents. Don’t hesitate. Get out of head and into animal power. Be guided by passion and true self, put 1000% into it. Run fast and free. Don’t look back, keep moving toward goals and dreams. Trumpet! Stretch! Stand tall, stand large. Reach high, show the sun, the gold and be grounded with wisdom, compassion, strength and commitment. Express true capabilities and desires.


Be “the stuff” instead of reading about it.


Hope you are enjoying this new deck and the interesting readings you are getting from taping into your Sustain Abilities!



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