Occupy Wall Street from the US Oracle

For insight into “Occupy Wall Street,” two Cards were first chosen facedown from the Voyager Tarot Deck. The first Voyager Card was 9 of Crystals, Narrowness, which is about things secreted deep in a cave. The Child of Crystals, the Learner, was the second Card and it clearly suggests exposure of the hidden. These Cards are perfect in that the “occupation” has brought light and attention to what goes on in the sequestered corridors of power and wealth. And it took young people (Child card) to open it all up.

The second two Cards were chosen from the Sustain Yourself Deck. The first Card, Chameleon, indicates that the financial strategies of the power elite have been masked enough that few really notice or care. The second Card, Senses, is about physically seeing, hearing, feeling and even smelling and tasting ‚Äì palpably experiencing on a visceral level what’s going on, and that is what’s often needed to mobilize and spark a change. Remember, it only takes a spark to create a wildfire that burns out and purifies an invasive overgrowth that strangles new life.

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