Sustain Yourself: Cards & Handbook to Live Well and Live Long – Oracle cards and handbook by James Wanless, PhD (Tarot Media Company 2011)-review by Thalassa

When Jim Wanless unleashed the Voyager Tarot a few decades ago, he brought a breath of fresh air to Tarot, and changed what was possible by clearing the cobwebs and jolting the eye with densely layered, vividly coloured images that were impossible to resist. He’s done it again for the 21st century with the Sustain Yourself cards.

Beautifully produced by Tarot Media Company, this is a truly unique deck that facilitates insight with dynamic colours, intriguingly detailed images, engaging concepts, and gorgeous aesthetics. Fascinating, accessible and informative, the cards bring a new energy and a hefty dose of play to oracular sandbox. The cards pull no punches – everything from frolic, cooperation, play and connectivity to aging, death, and the cycles of creation and destruction are represented. There are cards for Darkness, Nothing, Creative Chaos, Wildness and Imagination, and so very much more.

Wanless has been working on this deck for many years and his commitment to finding increasing ways to live vibrantly and happily have deepened what the oracle has become. The dedication says volumes: “Inspired by the Earth’s wisdom, this book and set of cards are dedicated to sustaining life on Earth.”

Done in photo collage, the images range all over life on Earth: flora, fauna, minerals, human conditions all appear in kaleidoscopic array. Simple advice for taking care of the self combines with broader maps of exploration. Animals, aspects of daily life, states of being, natural vistas, and astronomical phenomena are used to speak to the need to care for the planet as well as the self. Body, mind and spirit are all challenged and freed by working with the cards.

Did I mention it’s cut-to-the-chase accurate? Well, it is.

Stunningly beautifully, urgently topical and endlessly useful, this is truly a wisdom source for our modern lives.

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