Sustain Yourself Reading from my July 16th Class by Renee Stearns!



1) Self Expression Card (James, I can’t exactly remember what this card represented?)
Elephant & Saturn/Gravity:
Be large and proud of being noble and gentle, having great strength, being powerful, forceful, and persevering, wise and intelligent, committed, with dignity, loyalty and compassion. Also an elephant’s trunk is very powerful—used to touch and feel, grab what it wants, move immense obstacles out of the way, drink, get nourishment, and trumpet it’s communication with the full force of it’s voice. This voice is what I need to realize is a part of me. Voice is significant for me because I am Hypothryroid, which has psycho-spiritual roots in not knowing what message you are bringing to the world. I am not recognizing my qualities or talents.
Saturn symbolizes work, toil, and material concerns, but also the reaper who knows the opportune time for harvesting life’s successes. Time to reap the benefits of my discipline, studies, life lessons, experiences, and accomplishments and celebrate—enjoy the fruits of all of that labor! Utilize skills and passions—and have great fun being successful. Coincidentally, saturn rules snakes (see card below) and Capricorn (which is my sun sign).
Live large! Step forward and express true self. Develop clearer, stronger voice, don’t hold back—Trumpet! The message will be worth it!

2) Mental & Emotional Card
Life is full of beauty, inspiration, full of fascinating and curious surprises if we are aware and fully open to experiencing them. Celebrate the sensual! Step into all senses when interacting with the world. Get out of thinking “head” for a while. Take time to soak in the moment by tasting, feeling, hearing/listening, seeing. Try to be aware of emotional reactivity, judgement and always trying to have all of the answers to everything.
Focus on what is really happening in the moment instead of relying on the internal “Cinerama of the brain” to inform my experiences. Fully utilize all senses: relax, breathe deeply, be aware. Soak up life! Be a sensualist, be surprised and delighted.

3) Health Card
Transform through every crash of the wave. Roll back up again and catch the light. Use energy like a wave, always rising, cresting and falling. A constant process of renewal. Waves don’t stop because of misfires, mistakes or imperfections—they just keep rolling along. Ride the wave. Learn to use the power of that energy. Be transformed by the circle of possibility every day.
Keep the momentum. Don’t stop moving toward goal because of setbacks. Surf’s up everyday!

4) Work & Money Card
Cheetah & Sunflower/Aspiration:
Move with speed, energy, ability, and power. Short lived, but intense energy. Use skills and personal energy to kick-off, inspire, light-up, jumpstart, and power-up projects. Radiate power, high energy. Like the sunflower, be in union with the sun—luminous, golden, ablaze. Use skills as an ignitor—maybe not meant to follow projects all the way through to completion. Let self shine with skills: Leading, brainstorming, motivating, inspiring, lighting the flame of an idea with intelligence, creating enthusiasm, positivity and fire.
Move now! Do it. Stop sitting on ass. Make a creative move with my new project/new direction using power given. Stop twiddling thumbs, spouting “yeah buts”, and spinning negative thoughts. Share energy. Have fun doing what comes instinctively.

5) Relationships Card
Building new professional relationships: Have confidence, power, speed, and intelligence—be decisive, know what you want and strike when instinct and intuition say YES—that’s it—go for it! Snakes don’t consider ifs, ands or buts. No second guessing. They know what they want and use all of their energy to move toward it.
More intimate relationships: Snakes eat rats, they don’t bother wasting time asking them for dinner and a dance first. There is also a lesson about shedding the skin, getting out of relationships that have been outgrown.
Select desire and strike! Time to shed some skin, surrender the old for new opportunities and new horizons to explore. Know a rat when you see one.




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