1. Eucalyptus Man “Guardian” – Be vigilant in protecting my body, mind, spirit; be mindful; be aware; be responsible. Use nature as a refuge and nature’s remedies (essential oils) in healing. Guard against or mitigate stress in my life and take active steps to reduce stress. Continue to meditate on and offer healing to the earth and all of its spirits/entities during my monthly group meditation meeting. Be a friend to the environment—don’t harm.

2. Cells “Self Creation” – celebrate health and energy—be grateful. I am constantly being given the gift of self-renewal and opportunity to create my own body. Also, the various shapes and colors of the cells suggest celebrating life – dancing, singing, playing the harp!

3. Food “Nourishment” – remember to choose foods wisely and from a variety of sources. Also remember to eat slowly—as in using “eating” as a “mediation” … meditate on eating, chewing, swallowing, and reminding myself that I am creating nourishment to sustain my physical and mental health. Also, remember to eat regular meals.

4. Senses “Awareness” – use all of my senses to enhance my intuition and ability to glean the “truth”!?! Be patient and really listen to others. Be patient with myself. Speak and act my truth. Have compassion for everyone—every being. Practice more “Reiki” on self and others. Enact the third-eye meditative vision I experienced recently and anchor it in spiritual “reality.”

5. Cheetah & Sunflower “Aspiration” – be vigilant about remaining flexible in all situations – remember speed and maneuverability re opportunities and dangers. Don’t over-exhaust my energies or over-stress myself. The Cheetah totem encompasses a great capacity to feel and respond to others’ needs and is a totem for healing. The Cheetah tends to be solitary but the Sunflower suggests that I won’t be alone – that I have a few friends and family that I trust and bond with. The Sunflower shines on me and speaks to me of spiritual attainment, flexibility and opportunity for growth and good luck – definitely victory in terms of achieving my life purpose. The “sun” in Sunflower is also a gift to me—I love warmth and nurturing. And the color “yellow” makes me feel bright and shiny – all good things!


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