Using the Sustain Yourself Cards for a Fortune Tree Reading



At my deck-signing celebration of the “Sustain Yourself Cards”  at Mystic Journey Bookstore in Venice, CA, the gathered group performed “The Fortune Tree Reading” – a five-card layout of our human body that mirrors the natural growth of a tree to Fruition – our highest expression of ourselves, our Fortune Destiny.

The beginning Seed represents this radiant gold heart vision of ourselves.  From that Seed grow the Roots (our legs), the foundation for attaining the attainment of our vision.  Next comes the Trunk, the sustainment of the growth towards the vision.  From the trunk grow the Branches, symbolizing the expansion and branching out of our growth path.  Finally, Fruition, the fruit and harvest outcome of following this dynamic, natural growth map.

For the roots and legs, the Cards selected by the group were SEEDS (Deliver, disperse and distribute your gifts and talents)  and BREATH (Aerobicize and breathe to renew, heal and re-energize). Both Cards refer to the importance of clean and life-giving wind and air as our foundation.

For the Trunk, the EUCALYPTUS MAN “Guardian,” which is synchronistically amazing in that the Card is literally represented by the trunk of an actual Eucalyptus tree.  To sustain our growth towards the vision, “guard against all that we know is wrong for ourselves” – toxic and destructive thoughts, situations, attachments, addictions.

The arms of our earth-body as a tree are the Branches and the Cards selected by the group were GASES (“Expand, expand, expand yourself”) and SUNFLOWER CHEETAH (“Strive to be the best”). Talk about stretching yourself!

The Fruit of following the counsel of these Cards was SILVER (“The Artful reflection of your creativity”)

It was a wonder to see how the Seed grew into Seeing the vision come true as illustrated by the silver vase, and how the Seeing Eye in the Silver Card represents consciousness, which was originally cast as “seeds of consciousness” in our Roots.

This Cards selected in this growth map were a classic growth map for achieving the fruition of a goal. Of course maps by themselves get you nowhere.  Like nature, which is active, take action on these Cards and your highest vision, your Fortune Vision, will be realized!

To me, personally, these Cards represented my own path to the completion and fruition of the Sustain Yourself Cards.  Breathing, Sustaining, Expanding and Artfully Creating, and now again, casting seeds of consciousness (the Deck).

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