A READING YOU WILL EXPERIENCE IN THE “SUSTAINABLE LIFE TRAINING” In-person or Online. Begins December 1 in San Francisco, CA. Treat yourself to an early and sustaining Christmas gift.

Everything in life, all natural and social phenomena, including yourself, your relationships and your work is “ECO-LOGICAL.” With the SUSTAIN YOURSELF CARDS Deck you insightfully understand how you function as an eco-system. The Guidebook that comes with the Cards shows you how to do this “ECO-READING.”

HERE is a SAMPLE of an ACTUAL READING for a BUSINESS TEAM. Each member of the Team selected a Card for what they bring to the Team.

In an Eco-Reading, most importantly notice the Balance of the essential life elements of fire, air, water and earth. Then see what these elements suggest in terms of how the Team works together.

This particular Team is very “eco-balanced,” and this kind of diversity and integration leads to Synergy, the ultimate physical creative force for sustainable manifestation and results:
Fire (SUN), Air (BREATH), Water (CLOUD), Earth (MOUNTAIN, SOIL, POLARITY) create life.

The Team is fiery, inspired and bright (Sun).
The Team is imaginative and innovative (Airy Breath and Cloud).
The Team is bottom-line grounded, effective, and growthful in the world (Mountain, Earth, Soil)

Always look for special Mineral, Plant, Animal or Human Cards for extra insight.

I like the DOGS CARD! This is a wonderful “Team” Card. Dogs run in packs and are loyal and trustworthy. The watch-out regarding Dogs is that they are often ruled by an “alpha” type, which can mean having a strong leader, but members of the team could be a bit docile and without the initiative, drive and leadership that I like to see in high functioning team members.

I like the Earth “POLARITY” CARD because this indicates the willingness to look at both sides of things, the upside and downside, the strengths and weaknesses. I like the Aloe Vera in the “SOIL” CARD, which suggests a strong healing and healthiness aspect about the Team. The “BREATH” Oxygenation Card indicates the Team’s desire to refresh and renew itself, but it’s also a warning for smokers and sedentary types of people.

The “BABIES” CARD is truly special and unique about a Business Team! This means that, on the hand, it can represent business naivete and lack of street smarts, and otherwise, symbolize tremendous freshness, energy, openness, natural genius, and such a human that is the future and that is sacred, compelling, and treasured. Who can throw the baby out with the bath water?

What I also appreciate about this Team is it desire to be seen and recognized, as suggested by the towering “MOUNTAIN,” all-powerful “SUN” and the “‘LEAPING LEMUR” who jumps for joy into the spotlight. We all must sell ourselves and market our wares and services, so to be noticed is everything. Visibility, visibility, visibility.

As economies and companies change, a sustainable team is capable of new and different growth, evolving their purpose and task in new directions. The “SOIL” CARD is a superb sign of the Team’s Creativity! Anything can be grown from such a rich source of growth and possibility. And “BABIES” are super learning creatures, so this Team can adapt, change and grow on – “building the mountain.”

Every sustainable team is a support group. Get together frequently like “DOGS.” Support the “SUN” power in each other. Strive to be the “MOUNTAIN”…. reach for the heights!!! And don’t forget to breathe!!!!!!

As an overall message and symbol, I describe this Reading as “BUILDING THE MOUNTAIN.” Laid out in this way of the four elements creating plants, animals and ultimately, humans, this Reading indicates a progressive way and direction for this team to succeed, which means in today’s world of change, to keep growing and building to sustain on.

Using the Cards as steps on the path, you can then create a “story” that gives a memorable and “edutaining” way to embed this treasure map/gps of success into consciousness and ultimately into action. We are all our stories. Make up the story you desire and live it out.

Activate the four elements as components of the “Fortune Formula” for sustainable success.
1) Visualize your success in gold light (Sun Light).
2) Feel the success in your heart (Cloud/Rain/Watery Feelings)
3) Believe and Affirm yourself and your success (Airy Thoughts of inhaling Positivity)
4) Take Action (Earth cards of Soil and Mountain)
5) Like a creature of habit (Dogs), keep doing this Fortune Formula Meditation again and again. It’s magic!

See it, Feel it, Believe it, Do it… and Repeat.

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