I was nominated for Secretary of Defense by a facebook friend. I gladly except. I swear that i will defend our brain from assaults this weekend as the new bible of psychology (DSM) determines what is a personality disorder.

Defend your weirdness!

The last chairman of this periodic summit meeting of shrinks in 1994 recently confessed that they blew their diagnosis of ADHD as being far more pervasive and problematic than it actually is. No doubt the “drug” companies were ecstatic.

Defend your weirdness!

So, what goes down this weekend will in some way impact your future. I do totally agree with one new pathology that will be included in this DSM edition. It’s called “sedentary behavior disorder.” As Sec. of Defense, I will engage war on chairs and especially sofas. Our brains are not in our butts, although, I wonder sometimes. Stand up for your brain, it’s in your head and it need lots and lots of oxygen, not the sedation of a sedentary lifestyle. Sitting is a sedative, a drug.

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