Knowing yourself is tricky because we are always growing and changing. It’s something like catching up with your own tail. Self-knowing is a never-ending lifelong search. Who you are is actually a verb, not a static noun with a fixed self-definition and static self-image. You are a living being, always in motion, always becoming, completing, transforming. One of the biggest impediments to the Fortune Life is getting stuck in a set labeling and picture of yourself.

I always thought of myself as an educator and lover of art, but never did I see myself as an artist. That was until I began making a new deck of “oracle cards.” Exploring the artist in me as an experiment, lo and behold, I found some talent. It was like finding gold. Mining this gift, my Sustain Yourself Cards were eventually published. What’s next? As long as I know myself as “Jamesing,” I am active and transformative – always growing and discovering myself.

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