Oracle Life and DNA card

ORACLE LIFE: I picked the DNA Card for doing a full day of Readings. I asked myself about my DNA and it came to me that I have the DNA of my grandfather who was a medical missionary in India and was Knighted by the King of England for performing so many operations in his hospital, so I have it within me to do lots and lots and lots of Readings with the Cards! This gave me great energy and confidence.
ACTION: What does your DNA say about you….?

ORACLE LIFE: So what about your DNA to watch out for, your Red Flag, qualities you’ve inherited that want to evolve?
Mine is to watch out for being way too “achievement oriented”, so learn how to just be, no agenda, not goal, just be. tho I must say i’ve been writing the Fortune Formula all day today! but tonite the “Moonshine Jamboree” Circus Dinner Theatre by (being fun)

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