“Sensory Thinking!” (Think Like a Plant!)

Senses are the original portals of consciousness, our earliest way of knowing. Senses are intelligence agents but the power of mind and imagination overrides what we actually see, hear and sense. Slow down and smell the flowers.

In our busy mind and modern world, we forget to sense. We think and think and forget to listen to the tone while we focus on the words. We view the world with names and labels but we don’t see it. We need and want to touch, but it’s loaded with assumed motives and so we don’t. We like to taste but we gorge with such speed that we don’t really savor.

And smell is “smelly,” so we seek to cover it up. Because of our modern pollution, we defend and close our senses. We block out sounds and sights and smells. And because of technology, we destroy our senses, hurt our eyes with car lights, destroy our ears with loudness, compromise our taste with fast food, and are out of touch with nature. Thus, we lose our humanity and connection to our animal being. Open your senses.

Get sensible – sense and be intelligent. Really look at things and people and nature. Really listen to the sounds. Really sense. In this pre-verbal way of sensory cognition, we intuit. Don’t lose your intuitive knowing as you try to think it out rather than feel it through.

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