The Sustainer
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This uber-principle of life is often ignored when it comes to sustaining the planet, as most don’t recognize that “as above, so below.”

Today I was reading an entire section in the Journal Report of the Wall Street Journal called “Squaring Off On The Environment,” like, “Should or shouldn’t we have subsidies for solar and wind power?” The discussion about these kind of issues are all on the macro-level of economy and society, which is fine, AND “everything is connected to everything.”

From the micro-perspective, you and me, I look at solar power and say yes, of course. Invest some of your own valuable time by getting outside. Eat the sun! It gives you energy, vitamin D, and it’s renewable and makes you renewable.

“What about investing in wind power,” asks the Journal? From our personal self point of view, absolutely, breathe, breathe, breathe. Oxygenating yourself with the wind of air is the key to the regeneration and sustainability of body, mind and soul. Invest in taking an aerobic class or going for a brisk breath-walk and at the same time, support your local wind installation. Wind is free an so is breath.

In the Journal, “Should cities ban plastic bags? Ask this about yourself, “Do you want to live in a plastic bag?” Don’t you prefer re-usable clothes? Don’t you enjoy clothes that are made of mostly natural materials? So, yes, ban plastic clothes from your wardrobe and from the city. And as person who has taken a year and half to finally remember to take my re-usable bag into the supermarket, I will tell you how much self-esteem and fulfillment I have received from doing the right thing!

“Should there be a price on carbon?” Of course. Anyone who lights up a cigarette is killing themselves and through second-hand air, killing others. That’s why the price of cigarettes has skyrocketed. Tax murder! Duh.

“Should the world increase its reliance on nuclear energy?” When was the last time you thought of radiating yourself to get energized? Enough said.

“Should Washington block the Keystone pipeline?” Should you block yourself from ingesting materials that ultimately poison you and keep costing you more and more and dependent upon a diminishing supply? Is that a question? Only an addict would want his crack pipe filled.

“Are we better off privatizing water?” What a great idea, I’ll have my own stash of water, you have yours, and that will solve the water crisis. Really? The reason why we have evolved and sustained as a species is because we are collaborative, not competitive. Sharing is our way of salvation. Can you imagine hoarding and guarding your own personal reservoir. How inconvenient and practically insane.

Everything is connected to everything. The new golden rule of a sustainable world is “treat social and economic issues as you would treat yourself.”

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