What I Blog About… THE ORACLE LIFE

“The Oracle Life” is a way of life for seeing the future and creating the future.

This path follows the ancient adage that “everything is connected to everything” – all phenomenon in the world is mirrored within ourselves and vice versa. Everything is a sign and symbol for discovery, creation, and sustainability for us personally, professionally and planetary.

In these times of extraordinary change and uncertainty, the old roadmaps for how to live are obsolete. How do you navigate life now? This Blog explores the promise and perils of prediction and foresight that include the intuitive brain, forecasts of visionaries, inner archetypes and mythic imagination, the so-called”animal spirits” of finance, modern day tarot as burgeoning field of “folk therapy,” evolutionary psychology and sociobiology, the mystique of algorithms, socio-economic trends, startling neuroscience studies, and more.

Having seen the probable and possible, what to do and how to be? The oracular way, which dates back to the Temple of Delphi in ancient Greece, counsels self-knowing and self-creating. Investigating the principle of “self-fulfilling prophecy” and the art, science and magic of fortune creation and golden rules of manifestation, this Blog shows the various ways and means for realizing visions and dreams, from cognitive behavior adjustments, to storytelling and power of metaphor, to circles of wisdom and support groups, and to universal and activating “maps of life.”

“The Oracle Life” pays special attention to the greatest challenge and opportunity of today and tomorrow – sustainability. In a demanding, diversifying, competitive, aging, and youthful emergent world, the “new success” is how to sustain yourself – which are discussed here as a wholistic set of “sustain-abilities” for ongoing renewal. In this “as above, so below” pathway, I blog about how the sustainable life perspective – “thinking like nature” – is the key to health, work, relationships, society, and ultimately, the environment.

Included In this wide-ranging commentary are my personal observations and experiences as the “Intrepid Voyager” traveling throughout Asia, the America’s, and Europe in my work as a consultant, trainer, coach and oracle. Of recent interest to me are China, men/women rebalancing, new media, technology and consciousness, green living, longevity, new mental and emotional pathologies, and pop phenomena such as street art, “hello kitty” strangeness, to have hair or not, films with a message, and…

James Wanless, Ph.D, Columbia University, former Political Science professor, is a futurist and pioneer of new thinking who lectures and teach throughout the world. He is the creator of “Sustain Yourself Cards” and the modern classic, “Voyager Tarot,” and author of Sustainable Life: The New Success, Way of the Great Oracle, Strategic Intuition for the 21st century, and Intuition@Work.
www.sustainyourselfcards.com; www.voyagertarot.com
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