What people are saying about the Sustain Yourself Cards and iPhone App

I am loving all the praise I am getting in person about my new deck, Sustain Yourself Cards and Handbook to Live Long and Live Well as well as it’s new iPhone app from the iTunes store.

I have gotten some written praise as well and want to share it with you.

Tauni Love –
“This is my newest, favorite oracle deck, the “Sustain Yourself Cards.” It’s all about creating a sustainable life and planet.

I’ve used my “Green Deck” every day since I acquired it. It works for all manner of readings: analytical, predictive, meditative, silly, whatever; it’s very easy going. Though the booklet was definitely worth reading (and I did read through it twice), I was surprised to find that I didn’t need to keep consulting it for card meanings. I can recall only one card that had me turning back to the book. This has been my primary deck for two weeks now. It’s very healing and empowering.”

Beth Seilonen-
” I still have my Sustain Yourself card on my dresser – Parent-Teacher. (from San Fran). very appropriate for this Part – Art Teacher!”

And some of my Taiwan/Taipei students are using a Voyager Card and a Sustain Yourself Card for a daily reading. LOVE IT!

Dogboy Hsu-
“Death + Horizon
Today I’ll go to the maya spring ceremony!!!!!
Transformation and become a new dog!!!!!
Cool day!!!”

JEnny Wu-
‎”Player+Greening Man: experience every moment, like the child breathing and playing. Let’s back to the original.”



Thanks and I am glad you are enjoying my new work and direction I am working. I also have the Sustainable Life book coming out this month.  Have you gotten your copy yet? You can order it from Tarot Media Company .

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