Actually, 2013 adds up to the number 6, which in the Tarot is the LOVERS archetype card. The key quality of “Lovers” is the number 6 of Worlds, “SYNERGY.” This coming year is an amazing opportunity to get your act together personally and in collaboration with others. It’s the healing force, that instinctive part of life that compels us to wholeness within ourselves and within the world. This primordial state of being is the ultimate creative energy that brings us love and peace in our lives.

The good news for 2o13 is that we didn’t die in the doom and gloom at the end of the Mayan calendar on December 21, 2012. We are still here, but how are we here? Are you going to struggle along to just get along? If you want more and better out of life, the natural principles of sustainability show you how. To sustain is to be continuously happy and healthy and successful. The core “sustain ability” for this life of ongoing fulfillment and aliveness is synergy.

Synergy is the principle of exponential and renewable energy that is rooted in the Greek language as “sun ergos,” or sun energy – “sunergy” into synergy. Our sun keeps going and going because it is synergistic, meaning that the whole is greater than the sum of the parts, and when the parts of this fireball go off, they are refueled by and refuel all other combustions.

Like the sun, having our own inner fire, how can we stay fired up and keep going in this world of incessant change, increasing complexity, competition, and speed? Be the sun, synergize yourself! Remember, energy is the bottom line of life, continued aliveness, and sustainable success in all endeavors from health to money, personal growth to relationships. With energy, anything is possible. The rule of energy is that “energy rules!”

Now is the opportune time for synergized living because according to the natural cycle of life, when things break down and break up, new energy moves in to renew and rebuild. From dissolution – like how many lives have often come apart – comes solution. From destruction comes creation and construction. Following this law of nature, sustain-able synergists turn breakdown into breakthrough, breakup into breakout. On a psychological level, this means transforming victimization into victory, negativity into positivity, sorrow into liberation, anger into creation, fear into fortune.

The sine qua non quality of synergy is to “embrace it all.” Everything, everyone, every moment, every every is a resource, energy and opportunity. Ingest and use everything, and you are as sustainable as you can be.

Curiously and synchronistically on an esoteric level, the year 2013 numerologically adds up to the number six, which in the ancient tarot “wisdom map of life” is the VI Lovers archetype card. (By the way, 2012 was a number five year and the tarot card was the Hierophant archetype, which represents experiencing severe lessons, tests and challenges to achieve a higher state of life mastery). The Lovers is all about connection, integration, unification, healing, teaming, partnering, cooperating, co-creating, collaborating. In a word, it means wholeness, which in turn is synergistic.

Living wholistically and synergistically is the key step for living well and living long, for surviving and thriving (sustaining) because it fulfills the holy grail of today, being able to “RE” yourself and all aspects of your life. “Re” means able to reflect, rejuvenate, renew, restart, reinvent, repeat, re, re, re. This is all good in theory, and it’s real, it’s the truth, but how do we apply these principles in our daily life?

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