(Celebrating all mothers today and everyday, I am posting a piece called “Raining Love” I have written in a forthcoming book – “ADVENTURES WITH GREEN MAN: MY MYTHIC MENTOR.”

“The green path is a complete and whole, worldly and inner way of living. It means following the wisdom of my mother – Mother Nature. I was born from Gaia, a Greek mythic name for Earth. Out of Mother Nature’s own re-creative wholeness, she bore me, a man to go with woman. As her birth and child, I am the vegetation that grows from her belly. I am the fruit of her labor. I am the sprout of her inspiration. I am her seed come to life. The original Green Man was a woman, so we can call our earth mother, Green Woman.

Our Earth Mother has survived and succeeded for as long as we can remember, and beyond. Simply ask her for wisdom and guidance. Mother Nature knows how. As my earth mom always told me, think green and do green things in all of life and you naturally receive her wisdom. That’s where I get my answers.

In a way, all mothers are like Gaia. They birth you, they know you, and they will always live to help you, nurture you, and grow you. They are your forever-supporters and wisdom keepers.

Is your mother still alive?”

“No, I reply”

“Then go ahead in your imagination and contact her because you are connected by an invisible chord to the mother-child energy field that will always exist. Ask her about your crisis of energy.”


And what did she say?

“She said nothing but she was smiling at me?”

She loves you and is happy that you have contacted her.

“I’m crying.”

Good, Crying Man. That’s a big test that you must pass to be renew-able. If a man does not cry, he does not love enough to be sustain-able.

In our natural world, we call crying, rain. Rain is the pouring out of Mother Earth’s tears of love for us. Raining the love waters upon us, we and our plants come alive. This is the central message of our Mother – to rain love and embrace all of life. That is the green way of sustaining life – to love and be loved. Like rain, it is love that keeps life green and going. To green yourself, come to love, fall in love with yourself, with all your foibles, with all others, with the creatures, with the plants, with the rocks, with the elements, with the setbacks, with the successes, with the uncertainties and mysteries, with all that is. Only by loving all life and all of its situations and conditions will you and I and everyone survive and sustain.”
By: James Wanless

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