Now, that we have discovered how most of the chemicals embedded in our stuff, from plastic to furniture to food, create obesity (see one of my last posts), what about obesity and life longevity (sustainability)? Look at the “Mother” card, source of all life, so “fat” can’t be all bad!!!!! 100 years ago, a woman named Elsie Scheel, was deemed the “perfect” woman and epitome of “perfect health” and she was 5 feet 7 inches and weighed 171 pounds! Wow. By today’s standard, she is “overweight.” She died at 90. She was active with tremendous interests until she passed; she never took a pill, even aspirin. She was extrovert, confident and had an attitude – an “ardent sufragette who didn’t know what fear is.” (reminiscent of MLKing on this MLK day). She ate only 3 meals every two days, loved beefsteak and no candy! And she was physical, active, athletic – taking 25-mile hikes! And she probably had good longevity genes.
So, it’s not about the weight and the look, it’s about the zest for life, the physical movement, the positive sense of adventure, no sugar, “having a cause,” a sense of purpose and legacy to contribute to the ongoing enhancement and evolution of life! (For more…NY Times, Health Section, 1/8/2013 by Pam Belluck).

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