Looking for inspiration using sustain youself deck. I picked a card for each of the four product lines that my team incharge. 用自我永續牌來尋找靈感. 為我團隊負責的4條產品線各抽一張牌.
Alex Choo DIAMOND – This is the star product, the value is high, keep developing and polishing it.
鑽石 – 這是明星產品, 這是高價值商品, 繼續發展和精進他.
Alex Choo SILICON – Turn sand into gold, this resource need packaging so that it can be applied to different area.
矽 – 把沙變成黃金, 這個資源需要包裝好讓他可以運用在不同的地方.
Alex Choo ROOTS – Think about the positioning, strenghten the basic functions and features so that it is sound.
根 – 想想關於定位, 強化基本功能和特色已讓這產品健全.
Alex Choo STONE – This is the core competency, keep it intact and develop model for selling this.
石頭 – 這是核心能力, 維持他讓他完整無缺並發展出銷售的模式.

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