International Hypnosis Federation-IT IS ALL ABOUT YOU!

MARCH 1-3, 2013 Begins on the night of February 28
Mind Body Spirit Fun RETREAT 2013
YOU will benefit– no matter what experience you bring
Register NOW 310.541.4844
LOCATION: DoubleTree by Hilton, 2800 Via Cabrillo Marina, San Pedro, 90731
Reserve a room 800.222.TREE (8733) use the code “IHF”

THURSDAY EVENING: February 28 pre-Conference classes all day Vendors with great things are in the downstairs Madeo Room

5pm MEET & GREET DoubleTree “Marina Bar” Music by Carolyn & Gerry White
6-7pm HARBOR PICNIC CRUISE Spirit Cruises from Birth #29

8-9:30pm LAUGHING YOGA Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas (Humm/Stockwell) Madeo

FAB FRIDAY March 1 classes all day 7am REGISTRATION

9am KEYNOTES “CELEBRATE YOU” Shelley Stockwell-Nicholas & Suzy Prudden, Invocation Piking, Farrell, Madeo Ballroom

Noon LUNCH Susan Picking Music/ Martin Peterson “Fast Speed Induction” Madeo

5-6pm KEYNOTE “SOUND THERAPY” Peter Blum, Madeo Ballroom

IMPROV BANQUET Host Humm, with Guzzo, Shroeder, Stockwell- Nicholas, Pillai and Wanless, Madeo Ballroom

SWEET SATURDAY March 2 classes all day 7-7:30am QIGONG WITH WARHANK, Portafino Room

8-9:40 KEYNOTES “WOWZACISE!” Wowza, 20 minutes
Al Marotta “Good Vibes”/ Roy and Joy Martina ßMadeo

Noon LUNCH Tracy Newman Sings (with Gene Lippmann & Rebecca Leigh)/ Bruce Bonnett “Humor-Us Sessions!” Madeo Ballroom

6:30 pm NO HOST MIXER: Madeo Rm/ Music by David Carroll and the “Bliss Factory”

7-10 pm AWARDS BANQUET “CIRQUE DU YOU” Jim Hale -Ringmaster, Winifred Morice, Accordian, David Jackson, Sings; Susan Piking; Shelley Master of Ceremonies, The amazing Dalby Girls, Denise, Melanie, Ashley; Spencer Humm, “What’s That Da;” Ken Guzzo balloon man; Suzy Prudden raffle chair

PSYCHIC SUNDAY March 3 classes all day 7-7:30am QIGONG WITH WARHANK, Portafino Room

Noon-1:30 LUNCH KEYNOTE Hypnosis Demo & ASK THE LEADERS LUNCH w/ Nicholas, Blacconiere, Bonnett, Miller, Sandland, Sutphen, Madeo Rm 5 KEYNOTE Carol Francis “SOUL JOURNEYS” Madeo Ballroom

7:30 pm PSYCHIC & CHANNEL PANELS Madeo Ballroom

Exhibit Area and IHF Bookstore:
You’ll enjoy a diverse range of products and meet outstanding people. Excellent recommended books, tapes, and educational materials are available. WOW!
Sharing, Caring,
70+ World Class Presenters, Meals, Fun, Friends and CEUs

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As we get further and further removed from our nature as nature, I’ve always intuitively felt there would be consequences. One of these repercussions has just come to light by Neil Shubin, associate dean of biological science at the University of Chicago in his new book, “The Universe Within: Discovering the Common History of Rocks, Planets and People.” He writes about the two trillion clocks within ourselves that are essentially cellular timepieces that are in synch with the rotating of the earth, the day and night cycles, and the seasons. Because we live on artificial time clocks that are ever-speeding, we contract all sorts of physical and emotional disorders, especially “seasonal affective disorder”‚- 10% of New Hampshire residents suffer this kind of clinical depression. Shubin suggests that mood changes, jet lag, and sleeping disorders are only the tip of the iceberg. In fact, he says, “our susceptibility to different cancers may be an outcome of having our ‘DNA molecular clocks’ often at odds with modern living.”

Literally composed of stardust, as the venerable Carl Sagan revealed, we have within our internal timepieces all of the basic beginnings of our solar system. Out of synch with this primal beginning and the rhythms of nature, we are separated from the very source which birthed us. How can we be healthy?

We know, now, according to the Wall Street Journal that sleep deprivation is costing the U.S. 63.2 billion a year in lost productivity. Remember, bears are bears of activity because they sleep well and long. Do, do, do and then die (sleep).

To be truly sustainable personally and as a species, we need a new/old kind of medicine, the “primal physician.” Because we are born as a small universe, follow your own inner knowing as your own nature Doc. ‚Äì live with the natural cycles. Wake up with the birds. Get out in the sun. Go for a walk in the moonlight. Enjoy the sunset with gratitude. Don’t look at TV until all hours of the night. Find your own time and timing. (Hopefully, Corporate America will get it! People work far more effectively on their own time and in their own place).

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